The Elevape Smart represents the peak of technology in the area of vaporizers. We have explored every potential area from air flow, where we take into account things like how hard you are drawing, to temperature controls which can be manipulated to your requirements with our exclusive app. Like a Mercedes, there is lots of engineering under the hood that you will never see. You just sit back and enjoy the ride. Please feel free to do the same with your new Smart.

The Smart is a true convection vaporizer built with the serious vaper in mind. It uses a proprietary titanium alloy coil as a heat source. The process of vaporizing is controlled by a micro processor. Its critical job is to monitor the glow given out by the heating coil over 100 times a second to maintain a constant temperature in the chamber. It does this by continuously adjusting the temperature to airflow ratio during your draw.

The Elevape Smart is powered by a 1200 MAH six cell lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack with onboard charge control. With this amount of power, the unit reaches the desired vaporizing temperature instantly and maintains a constant temperature in the chamber regardless of draw strength. The battery packs supply the unit with enough power for a full day of vaping.

The Smart lets you pick the temperature that’s right for you. The Smart has 3 temperature presets that come preprogrammed from the factory. By using our exclusive app, which is downloadable from our website, you can personalize the 3 temperature settings allowing for optimal efficiency, without combustion, at any moister content.

Elevape smart is precision machined entirely out of aircraft grade aluminum and surface treated with a smooth finish in the vapor path for easy cleaning. The outer surface is glass bead blasted and anodized for a great hand feel and elegant finish.

The Elevape Smart is Simple…
Just Load and Enjoy


Heat on Demand
Instant on every-time

No wait time between puffs
Activates the moment you inhale
Adjustable temperature settings

Easy Access Convection Chamber
Large chamber for more puffs

Special coating in the chamber for easy cleaning
Airway module is dishwasher safe

Out of the Box Ready
3 factory set heat levels adjustable by the user

Comes with everything needed to use, clean and store
Rechargeable from any USB outlet
Limited lifetime warranty 

Limited lifetime warranty 



The Elevape Smart is Efficient
Always Ready

Digital Glow-Sensing Technology

This DGST system ensures a constant temperature in the convection chamber regardless of the strength or duration of your draw. It rapidly monitors the temperature output of the coil and adjusts it to maintain your setting.

Breath Sensor Activation System
This system ensures maximum battery efficiency and limits material waste by providing heat only on demand.  Elevape Smart produces the highest quality vapor immediately upon inhalation, instantly reaching and maintaining  the selected air temperature extracting all the flavors and active ingredients.




The Elevape Smart is Discreet
Take it anywhere


Size Matters
This is one place where size does matter. The Elevape Smart uses the most advanced technology available to put this sophisticated electronic vaporizer in the palm of your hand.

Nothing Fancy
The Elevape Smart’s simple yet elegant design ensures that you will not stand out in a crowd. You can feel comfortable in any venue.

What, No Smell?
With our precise temperature controls, your Elevape Smart will produce a minimum amount of scent.



There’s an App for that…

We have a downloadable application for your Elevape Smart

Take Control:

With our exclusive app, you will be able to adjust the preset temperatures to meet your specific needs. These can be fine-tuned by connecting to a PC or Mac via the micro USB port. In addition, you will be able to name your device and get useful information like battery charge status. The application is currently designed for the PC and Mac. Android and iOS apps are under development for your phone.

Stay Up to Date:

The App will also allow you to update the firmware that runs your Smart. We listen to our customers feedback so stay up to date with the latest features.


Please visit our website to register and receive your free download. The App can be downloaded from our website without registration. However, we suggest you register your new Smart purchase so you can be informed of software and firmware and assure qualifying for the Limited Lifetime Warranty.






The Elevape Smart is precision machined from airplane grade anodized aluminum with stainless steel screens. It’s Modular design allows you to easily clean and maintain your unit.

Battery System

The Elevape Smart is powered by a 1200 MAH six cell lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack with onboard charge control. Rechargeable from any USB outlet the unit provides 50-80 puffs per charge (depending on your usage settings).

Convection Chamber
Our convection chamber holds approximately 0.2g of material. Enough to provide you with 10 to 12 puffs per load.

Unit size: Size: 2.7” X 1.25”X1.9” 70X32X49 mm

Weight: 5.7 oz  or 168 grams

Box Size: 7.75”X 4”X3” 200X120X80 mm 1.2 lbs or 544 grams

Box Contents:

1 Elevape Smart Vaporizer

1 Carrying case

1 110V to USB adapter

1 Micro USB charge cable

1 Hex tool

1 Top lid O-ring

1 Cleaning brush

1 Stirring tool

2 Mouthpiece screens

2 top lid screens

1 User Manual